More than classes


Do you want to start swinging in your city? Are you organizing a weekend event and want to entertain your peers with a dance class for a few hours? Are you planning a performance and would like to incorporate swing into it or show the whole swing choreography? This section is for you.

Tailor-made events

Anybody can dance swing and we will be happy to teach you the basics outside our regular lessons. Let us know if you want to brighten up a team-building, birthday party, your wedding, your corporate event or simply organise a workshop for your mates. We will tailor a dance workshop to your liking. A dance for a ball, afternoon, one-day, weekend workshop for beginners or advanced dancers, everything can be arranged. Write us at to consult your idea. We’d be happy to hear from you.

I want to order workshop

Swing music

If you like swing music and would like to hire a swing band, contact us. We will recommend the best swing musicians that we have been working with for years:

Usually, swing dance is accompanied by live music as well as DJs. That is the best combination that just works. DJs play when the band is on break and vice versa. There are no delays and dancers can enjoy the dance floor as much as they want. Let’s discuss it!

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We can arrange a program for corporate or private parties in the beautiful 20s – 40s style. Our offer is flexible and can be downloaded HERE. Alternatively, we offer a standard package that includes:

– 1-3 Performances
– 20 – 60 minute lesson (Charleston, Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa)
– Swing music (DJ and / or band)

You can choose from performances for 1-5 pairs. There’s a ladies’ choreography (Charleston), gents’ choreography (hat tricks), solo choreography or choreo in pairs, all in different styles. You can dig into and make your choice from our portfolio for clients.

We want a performance

Private Classes

Do you want to master your skills or learn faster? Then the private class with our teachers might be the best way for you. We offer 1/2 (students) : 1 (teacher) or 2 (students) : 2 (teachers) format.

We usually organise the privates in our partner studio, Flame Dance at Florenc. There is a wooden floor and a sound system in the studio. The rent for the studio is to be paid separately on the spot directly to the studio. You can agree on an alternative place with us if the lecturers are happy with it.

If you do not have teachers preference, we´ll provide you with the available one. If you have choices, please tell us at We ask for the right to refuse the class with our solo female teacher and an unknown (e.g. is not our student yet) male dancer. Ask us beforehand, please.



Municipal ball in Zeleneč

“I would like to thank Swing Busters for professional and cordial dance performance at the 11th Municipal Ball in Zeleneč. The whole evening had a very positive response from all guests of our event.”

Jana Uchytilová



“The performance was beautiful. It fitted perfectly into our program and theme. A small lesson was also a great success… we all laughed a lot and remembered our school dancing lessons :). Thank you for your trouble-free cooperation and we will be happy to recommend you further. I hope the dancers from Swing Busters were also happy and enjoyed it just like we did :). I wish you much success and new enthusiastic students.”

Jiří Skřivan, municipality representative

Gift vouchers

Do you want to surprise your friend or relatives with an original present? You can buy a gift voucher for a whole dance course or open classes in our studio. Buy a voucher directly in our eshop or drop us an email with your order on and we’ll send you the voucher by post or give it to you in person.