Let's dance!

Join us outside the regular lessons

Our regular classes are not the only oportunity to dance swing. We also organise dance parties called the Socials, Open classes and Swing practice session. The Socials are the main reason why we teach – so we can socialise and dance to the wonderful swing music together! The Open classes are a bit aside of our regular lessons – you don’t have to register for an Open class, there are for beginners or all levels, themed or a bit special. The Swing practice session is there for you to have your own focused time to practice the class material or study something cool from a video you have found.
From time to time, we have special events where you can not only dance and learn how to swing but also socialise more with the others from the swing community and live new experiences with your new mates. You can find out about all of this in News, our FB page or google calendar Swing in Prague.


Every week we organise a social dance party on Wednesdays in Café Prostoru_. You can come to dance, have a drink at the bar, meet people from lessons or meet a few of the teachers from Swing Busters. Everything will be accompanied by great swing music. We have a DJ and sometimes live music. The party is starts at 8 pm and goes until midnight. Admission is free. Right before the party, we run an Open class for beginners and those who want to repeat the basic swing steps.

You can find other regular socials and swing events in Prague here. How does it work at socials? In swing dancing, it doesn’t matter if you are a lady or a gent, we don’t wait to be asked for a dance, it is in your own hands as it is to say no, if you don’t wish to dance anymore or with someone. How to behave at socials and classes is nicely put together below in the Swing etiquette.

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Swing practice

Swing practice on Friday at 6:15pm – 8:00 pm at ABC studio is a space for your next workout – you can train anything (ideally swing – Lindy hop, Charleston, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag, etc.). Practice whatever you can/want – what you’ve been discussing in the lessons, what you have seen on YouTube, basically anything you are interested in. There is always a teacher on the spot, so feel free to ask for help. This is a space for your improvement!
Practice costs 100 Czk and it is NEWLY possible to substitute your regular classes here.

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Open Classes

Don’t have time for regular lessons? Feel like trying it first without committing to a 9 week course? Do you want to substitute a missed regular class? Great, then you can come to our drop in Open classes! You can choose from 3 different ones, all for the same price of 250 CZK/class. You don’t have to register, simply show up. The Swing Basics Open class is the best way to taste swing. It happens every Wednesday at Café Prostoru at NTK from 6.45-7.45 pm. You can come with a partner or alone. Every week we introduce you to a different set of basics, so everybody can drop in, it is always new! There is a swing dance party at the same place right after the class where you can put all in practice, what an evening! Visit our Solo Jazz Open Class with Áňa, Thursdays 4 pm at Prostor 8. For Solo Jazz we kindly ask you to register.

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Swing etiquette

What (not) to do at socials

Check out the leaflet and take the swing etiquette as your own.

This is a nicely explained etiquette for the swing community aka how to behave at parties and classes. We invite you to read this leaflet carefully to respect certain rules and make all dancers feel good while spending time together. Do not forget one important thing: if you feel uncomfortable or you simply do not want to dance with someone, it is ok to refuse. You are entitled to it.