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There is nothing easier than to start dancing

You read it all and now want to learn to dance swing. That is great. Welcome to our swing group. It is important now that you go to the Registration, click on the selected course and register. The Registration is only there, if the registration is actually open. But you can still come to taste swing at one of our open classes. If the registration is indeed open and you are confused about the course descriptions, do not be discouraged, for each course you will see a description after clicking on it. It will tell you if you are applying for the correct level. You can read all about the courses in the section Courses as well. The year is divided into four terms with 9 consecutive lessons, which usually includes a one week break.

Open classes

Come and try it first

You can come and try a swing lesson even before you are enrolled in our classes. We have Open classes every Wednesday at Café Prostoru_ from 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm. This lesson is a great option for anyone who wants to try swing dance (there is a party right after the class!) You do not have to register for the open classes, just come, pay 250 CZK and see if swing is for you (which it definitely is).

During summer, when the courses are not running, you can try out the swing for free at many outdoor events. Keep yourself updated on our FB page.


Find us in the city centre

You’ll find us easily. We have lessons in the centre of Prague. We are mostly in the ABC studio (at Vodičkova 32). But also in Prostor 8 at Vinohrady, Centrum Fuzhi at Žižkov and Café Prostoru_ at Dejvice. Check this map to get your head around it.

What to choose

If you are new and have never danced swing, we recommend you to start with the Lindy hop as it is our prime dance style and we can offer you the most options here. For sure, choose the LH 1.1 which is the basic course in Lindy hop. If you found yourself liking the other swing dance styles more, of course you can choose those, just remember, the 1.1 is the beginners course so it would be BA 1.1 (for Balboa), CS 1.1 (for Collegiate Shag) and SLS 1.1 (for St.Louis Shag). Later on, try to follow the numerical progression and don’t skip courses. We recommend starting with 1.1 even though you may be an experienced dancer in other dances (salsa, tango, ballroom etc.)

How to register

You have selected a course and you want to register. Just go to the Registration section, click on the course you want to attend and sign up. If you register in a pair, you both need to register (you need to enter the correct email of your partner), the first from the pair is always waiting for the other on the so-called waiting list until you receive a confirmation email. If you are still choosing or you have selected a wrong course in the registration section, you can deselect the course by clicking on it again.

What to expect

It is always necessary to register in advance for regular lessons. The good news is that you can register without a partner, but ladies have a better chance of getting into a course with a pre-arranged partner. And what you can expect at the lesson? During the lessons, we rotate partners. This means that partners who come together not necessarily dance together during the class but rotate around different dance partners. Not only are the lessons very sociable, but also students learn more. Pairing is the most important thing in swing. Therefore, our goal is to teach our students to communicate their ideas to anyone, and this is best done through rotation. The more dances you dance with different people, the more experience you will gain and the better dancer you will become. However, we will not force anyone to rotate. If you do not want to rotate, tell the teachers know and you can skip the rotation.

What to wear

Something comfortable – dress, skirt, pants, jeans, tracksuit, shirt, retro, vintage… it’s up to you. Swing is not a formal dance, so you do not have to wear a suit or an evening dress, but do if you like it. In all dance halls you have to put on dance shoes, we recommend shoes without heels for ladies, generally sneakers with white sole. The important thing is to feel comfortable. Good hygiene, sobriety and tolerance are omnipresent.