Lindy Hop Intermediate and Higher Open class

Thinking of polishing your footwork in Lindy? Want to bring more fun into your dancing? Get some speed while hopping?

Every Thursday at Flame Dance Studio, there lies your chance to get all of this worked on at our Lindy Hop Open Class for Intermediates and higher level with Jíťa and Fred.

The lessons are bi-lingual Czech/English.

No registration needed for now.

Themes of the lessons are:
30.11. Tandem Charleston spins
7.12. Superpowered followers
14.12. Integrating different 8-count rhythms
21.12. Over-rotated swingout
4.1. Dips and tricks
11.1. Breaking the regular swingout
18.1. Putting solo jazz into partner dancing
25.1. Slides – slippery shoes needed

The program is subject to change.

Price for the class is 250 Czk and we ask you to pay by QR code.
You can use all of our open classes as a substitute for a lesson you have missed in the current autumn quadrimester 2023.
Looking forward to seeing you.