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Swing courses in July 2022

3 swing courses with different themes in 4 follow-up lessons. We have prepared for you literally the best from our lecturers Anička and Kristi. You can choose from solo jazz with Kristi, you can reverse roles in Lindy Hop in the Let’s switch course and let go out your inner dancer in the Keep it Cool.
18:15 – Shim Sham with Kristi
19:25 – Let’s switch with Anička & Kristi
20:35 – Keep it cool with Anička & Kristi
July Thursdays: 7th July 2022, 14th July 2022, 21st July 2022, 28th July 2022
Place: Prostor 8
Shim Sham:
Dive into the basics of solo jazz and learn the most famous choreography bursting with joy, which you can dance with others at the dance hall when the mass Shim Sham starts again. For all swingers who want to know Shim Sham well.
Let’s switch:
Are you wondering what it’s like in the reverse role of follower/leader and would you like to try it out? In this summer course, we will teach you how to smoothly change roles during the dance and enjoy a lot of fun at the dance hall. The course is designed for different dance levels: No need for swing out. You control the basic figures of 6countu and 8 count in their original role. Note: Please register in your original roles.
Keep it cool!
Do you want to let go out your inner dancer and don’t know how to do it? Keep it cool course will teach you how. We will give you many ways to express yourself creatively and be cool. You will know how to react to music and when your partner does something you don’t expect. The course is designed for different dance levels: No need for swing out. You need to control the basic figures of the 8-count and 6-count (change places) of the figure and you know the difference between 6count and 8-count. Register here. If you have a question or need something about the registration, write to ala@swingbusters.cz .