4 / 09

Let’s welcome new team members.

There´s got to be at least one Anna in every proper team. :) And we on the lecturing team now have 3! Great! Áňa is a good old classic. :) It wouldn’t be Swing Busters without her at all. It’s for sure.

Let’s welcome Ania newly in the team. She is well known as DJ Foka from the swing parties and she is not quite new in the team, but she’s new for the lecturing. She will teach Balboa with Pavel from this September on and Lindy Hop for beginners with Fred in English.

Foka & Pavel: Wednesdays, 18:15, BA 1.1, ABC Theatre Rehearsal Room.

Foka & Fred: Wednesdays, 19:20, LH 1.1 in English, ABC Theatre Rehearsal Room.

Let’s welcome Anička on board as well. You can enjoy their lessons of Lindy Hop with Adam on Mondays. They’ve got 2 courses – Lindy Hop Charleston II and Lindy Hop 1.1 for beginners.

Anička & Adam: Po, 18:30, LH 2.2, ABC Theatre Rehearsal Room.

Anička & Adam: Po, 19:40, LH 1.1, ABC Theatre Rehearsal Room.

Check out the schedule here.