3 / 09

1+, special autumn course made especially for you.


We have designed a special autumn course 1 + for you.

It is prepared for all advanced beginners/re-emerging swing dancers, for all those who want to dance swing but want to do it pretty quickly but from the beginning. They want improve quickly and feel great on the dance floor.

At the beginning of the course, we will repeat the historical context of Lindy Hop, practice basic rhythm, steps and figures(such as basic, send out, side pass, breaks, etc.) and principles of lead and follow. Rhythmically, we’ll combine 6-count with 8-count.

The course will be led by experienced lecturers Michal and Misha. The course will take place in the center of Prague in the rehearsal room of the ABC Theatre, on Tuesday from 20:25.

Looking forward to see you. You can register here.

Míša & Michal







ATTENTION ATTENTION: The first three lessons, in the following weeks: 14-28.9. will take place in the Dance Centre (Wenceslas Square 36, Hall No.4, -2nd floor) and from 21:00-22:00!!!