23 / 03

Change of plan, we cancel all classes.

Dear friends,

After a long consideration, we have decided not to postpone our autumn classes anymore and cancel them all together. The reasons behind our decision are as follows:

  • The current situation with COVID-19 and its unpredictability most probably means we would not be able to reopen before summer (all our classes are bigger than 10 people)
  • Some of our teachers have become unavailable (happy family reasons for a lot of them <3, some had to adapt to the corona situation and take up new jobs etc.)
  • We have lost a few of our dance rooms as they had to closed down
  • The continuity of the courses has been interrupted
  • We don’t feel comfortable with owing you classes we cannot teach for so long

So we have decided to cancel the autumn classes and refund you your course fee. Please fill a questionnaire below until April 5, 2021.


Our financial situation isn’t too happy although we have diminished our activities to a basic essential administration. As we are a developed company, we still have expenses we have to cover regularly independent to covid closure.
For that reason we ask you to consider donating at least part of your refund to us so we can reopen without a heavy loss.
Last year, we launched a new website, designed and built a new registration system, and tried to bring more quality in admin and teachers to be a better dance school for you. Which brought many expenses we are still covering to this day.
We are very thankful to all who decide to donate part or full amount of their refund.

We need all our students to fill this questionnaire until April 5, 2021 so we can then process the refunds.

As soon as the epidemic situation and restrictions loosen up, we would like to restart our activities appropriate for each PES.
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May all of you and your families stay healthy!
Your SB