4 / 02

We stay closed but slowly getting ready for you!

Hello everybody, we miss you a lot. We would love to dance with you again, but regarding the situation, we must stay closed.

According to the PES (stages of preventive pandemic measures) issued by our government, we plan to behave in a following way.

  • PES 5 – all shut down, nothing is allowed except for online activities we want to prepare for you.
  • PES 4 – private classes can happen! Great opportunity to explore your own space of improvement with one to one feedback from your chosen teacher! More to be read here.
  • PES 3 – we will organise small workshops and open classes for 8 students (plus 2 teachers). Registration will be available in advance and is compulsory.
  • PES 2 and 1 – oh yeah, dancing is back! We will finish our September round of classes (still have 6 or 7 weeks to go). A new wave will start straight away and will be shorter than the standard 9 weeks/wave. We also plan to make up for the missed season in summer via regular classes and intensive workshops.

We will keep you up-dated about all here, via email and on Facebook.