Swing Busters fundraising available till 14 Feb!


Dear friends,
another swing year with you is coming to an end and we are again very glad you have been stomping with us. This year brought to life many projects we had wished for for so long. We have built a brand new website, wrapped up in a new graphic coat and created a reliable and easier registration system.

In the following year, we wish to continue to work on more projects and fun activities. But as you know, corona has happened and stole 2 rounds of classes from all of us (so far). Our backstage work has become more and more difficult to run without sufficient income. We fear that without your support, the swing train will get going much slower. Well, behold! That is why we prepared a little Christmas campaign – a series of presents by our teachers! What about a custom made face mask by Zuzka? A 5 o’clock tea with Michael and Alenka, may it be? You sayin’ you’d love to play board games with Honza? Or better to get a physio work-out with Áňa? You can have all this and much more, just choose in our eshop here.

We will issue a Christmas voucher for you and will send it to your email. You can surprise someone under their Christmas tree too! In that case, don’t forget to state for whom it is :). Vouchers are valid for the whole year 2021.
This is a great way of getting to know the teachers better and support our school so we can prepare more fun stuff in future!

If nothing is to your liking or you wish to support us just for a warm feeling of kindness, we will be very grateful for any amount you can donate. Simply send your donation to our bank account 2800926222/2010, please state VS: 19 and payment detail DAR (transl. a gift). Thank you very much!

* Private classes for 2021 are offered by Adam, Áňa, Fred, Niky, Pavel, Zuzka, Janek (online), Michael with Míša and Dáša with Honza.