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Information and Conditions of classes reopening from 25 May 2020

Swing Busters will open its dance courses again following the decision of the government. The situation and government decisions are still changing so be prepared for possible further changes.

The conditions of reopening are as follows:

  • We will finish the remaining classes of the spring term (4 or 5 classes).
  • We cannot afford to refund the majority of you while giving classes at the same time due to circumstances. If you are not in need of money and you don’t want to attend the classes, please consider not asking the money back.
  • Open classes – Jazz Vocab, Swing Basics – and Practicas are cancelled. For the rest of Yoga classes you need to register, which you can do by sending an email to info@swingbusters.cz, the price of the minicourse of 5 classes is 750 CZK, please pay by bank transfer after you’ll get an email confirmation from us.
  • In case you have know or think you met an infected person or feel any of the COVID 19 or flu-like symptoms on yourself (fever, dry cough, tiredness etc.), we ask you to stay home and keep our swing community safe. If such thing should change during the 4 weeks, let us know immediately. Class participants will sign a statutory declaration regarding the COVID 19 at their first class and give it back to teachers before the class starts. The teachers might ask you to leave the class if you have any obvious disease symptoms.
  • The classes will happen with increased hygienic measures, such as:
    • It is not allowed to use kitchen, cloakroom and showers. Toilets will be available.
    • Please come dressed up for your classes already, you will be asked to leave your jacket and shoes in a designated place. When joining the Yoga course, please bring your own mat. Any borrowed mats will be disinfected before and after use.
    • There will be a 15 minutes break between classes. In this break the rooms will be naturally ventilated. The exact schedule with adjusted times is published on our website www.swingbusters.cz (lower on this page as well). Please come on time.
    • Try to avoid mixing with the other class when two successing classes change. The teachers will allow one group to enter after letting the previous out. While waiting for the class, please keep the recommended distance.
    • Before the class and also before leaving the room everyone will wash hands or use desinfectant which will be available at the dance studio.
    • Wearing face masks and other protective aids is recommended. Before entering the dance rooms please comply with wearing the face masks recommendations.
    • Rotation of partners is voluntary and only if agreed among teachers and students in each class. It is possible that we will rather focus on solo dancing.
    • The teachers will be ventilating the space in the break between classes and will disinfect the touch points (bell, rails, handles etc.)
  • In case there will be any positive case of COVID 19 among our groups, we will close our classes.
  • The parties and open classes are still cancelled. Nevertheless we hope that we may be allowed to reintroduce them in a near future.
    ABC classes on 27.5. and between 9.-20.6. will move to the Rokoko theatre, enter through the service entrance from the Rokoko passage (just beside Costa Coffee) – https://goo.gl/maps/r8s2He7kZP4Hjw3eA

We thank you for complying with these conditions. Let’s all protect each other.
Prague, 14th May 2020

You find these information for print here.

The timetable looks like this: