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Workshop with Elle Brenecki and Petr Beneš

Great Elle Brenecki accepted our invitation and will visit Prague in March. We have prepared a series of workshops with Elle and Petr Beneš for you. The workshops will be lectured in English.
Register here https://forms.gle/mMnKRW2QP78FzMpp6
You can find the prices of workshops in their description.

Tracks you can attend:

– Solo Jazz – Intermediate in Jazz (Friday, 13th of March, 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm): you know and nail the jazz basic steps such as Fall of the log, Suzy Q, Tackie Annie’s, Rock the baby, Boogie back, Boogie forward, basic jazz turns, price 550 CZK

– Lindy Hop Saturday morning track (Saturday, 14th of March, 10:30 am – 1 pm), topic Fun & Freedom – for Intermediate and higher in Lindy, you know the basics of Lindy well by know, can dance Swing out and its simple variations, Break away, Lindy 6 count variations, Lindy Charleston basic variations, price 800 CZK individual, 700 CZK for those registered in pairs

– Lindy Saturday afternoon track (Saturday, 14th of March, 3 pm – 5:30 pm), topic Spins&Turns and Macromusicality – Intermediate/Advanced and higher in Lindy, you have been dancing for more than a 1 or 1,5, you are confident in all Lindy hop basic figures such and the Swing out and its variations, Lindy Charleston variations, more complexe figures in both and have a confident lead& follow skills so you can dance fluently on socials, price 800 CZK individual, 700 CZK for those registered in pairs

– Lindy Sunday morning track (Sunday, 15th of March, 11:00 am – 1:30 pm) – Advanced in Lindy Hop, you have been dancing for more than 2,5 years, you nailed the variations of Swing out, the different stylings so you know how to play with it, you have a good range of turns and rhythms, you can survive a dance to a faster music with smile and both hands and legs in place, you want to get geeky about dancing or sweat you body or brain during those classes, price 800 CZK individual, 700 CZK for those registered in pairs

The Saturday tracks will be themed so you can sign up for those even if your level is higher than described.

WHO IS ELLE BRENECKI: As a child, Elle was already dancing to anything she could get her hands on from Modern Jazz to Ukrainian Folk Dance. When she discovered Lindy Hop and swing music in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia, there was no turning back. With her own particular style and energy, she is always looking for new shapes and rhythms to inspire and communicate with her partner. Elle encourages creativity and the freedom of expression within the dance and believes that Lindy Hop is a conversation between two people and the music.